RAWR xD is a group of streamers dedicated to unapologetically being ourselves! We embrace the death of cringe culture. The mission of our group is to promote having pure fun and being inclusive to all people!Also, we’d like to bring back the iconic Deviantart emo edgy scene web culture of the late 2000’s. Our network is a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜As a reminder, team applications are closed and will not open again.




RAWR xD is run by andou!
If you have any questions about the team or business inquiries, feel free to email him at jay@andou.art



my name is andou >:3! I'M DA LEADER OF RAWR XD!!!i'm an art streamer that loves to chat and hang out with people!
i love horror movies, vocaloid, and idolmaster! riamu yumemi is my oshi!
i stream on tuesday, thursday, and friday! hope 2 see u then >w<



runs upstairs. trips. fartsI'm hibby! I'm a funny little gamer sloth. I like streaming cute games and art from my rainforest treehouse!I collect furbies and itemlabel plush. I also love rareware, homestar runner and babs from Chicken Run



hey...my name is vixi bombae...
but you can call me BOMB >:3
i stream video games, usually with some friends. yeah, i'm an alien girl, AND i play games...
hard 2 believe but it's tru. i like FPS games, vapor/synthwave music, and saying awful cursed things with my mouth.
i don't stream on a strict schedule, but you can usually find me streaming during mornings starting at 9am EST!



Hi my name is Sawyer!! x3 I’m your very own computer virus, who just so happens to stream on Twitch.I’m an art streamer who mostly makes stickers and prints!. I love comics, platformers, horror movies, and cartoons. I base half of my personality on just old cartoon nostalgia alone! And I may be a bit too thirsty for streams at times, but it’s all in good fun.I stream on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!
I like my streams to be a fun safe space for all LGBT+ looking for a laugh. Hope to see u there


any pronouns

Yo! I'm Dooper! Friends call me DOOPS!I'm a Game Developer, Software Engineer, and Low-Poly Llama Twitch Streamer! I enjoy farting and shidding and getting my ass kicked by the games I play and my own chat. I love eating, face banging things, and playing with tech decks.I stream Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri 8pm PST.



Hie I'm Cherri x3!!! I'm a silly gay catgirl artist and vtuber and I stream when I want!
I stream teh art of d00m and sometimes play games, I'm mostly draw and fucking around with friends >w<
I'm an enjoyer of nintendo games, fortnite, DBD, and whatever games pop up in my interests, I likelistening to kpop, poppunk, and 2000s music I liked growing up! I love cartoons and sometimes I'm an enjoyer of anime, growing up I wanted to be Konata from Lucky Star xDBe sure to check out my Twitter for when I stream and come hang out with me!! >:3



hey hey! yahoo and wahoo!
◞(・ ͜• ・)◟
i’m julesy woolsy, but you can call me JULES! you might know me as the host of that old children’s TV show, Julesy Woolsy and the Happy House (1998)! err… or maybe not, since that show totally bombed anyway…now you can catch me on my NEW show, twitch.tv/jules, where i do WHATEVER i want! come be silly and chillax with my plushies, my socks, and me in my happy house!i’m usually live on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays!



Hello! I'm BigNoseBug, the mascot character of the Dream Grove Gardens Amusement Park! Inside the cartoony mascot suit my real name and identity is Frankie and I'm an overworked and sweaty lady who streams on Twitch to get revenue for the park. I stream retro games, cartoons and cooking!



Prostrate yourself, peons: for it is I, Balthazar! I am the accursed demon-possessed mad scientist known and feared by all for the gruesome experiments conducted in my basement laboratory! Worry not, for they are Completely Safe And Ethical. I swear this!I am a keen enjoyer of shonen anime, FFXIV, TTRPGs, and MEN. Hobbies include yelling and drinking beverages. Whether it be "streaming," "writing," or being a general nuisance, I strive for passion and heart above all else!I typically stream adventure/puzzle games, JRPGs, and visual novels. I take great pride in being mind-bogglingly incompetent at all of them! I do not operate on a set schedule, but streams are typically around 1pm EST/EDT.



Heya, I'm Sam! I'm a floofy chicken who likes to draw and stream Sega games on Twitch.Sonic is the eternal special interest I cannot escape, my favorite band since 2006 has been MCR, I was one of like 5 vendors at the very first brony convention, and I became a furry after college - I cannot escape cringe. I have BECOME the cringe. EMBRACE the cringe.You can find me streaming art and games throughout the week! Sonic and Yakuza basically guaranteed! Come have a chill time :-)



I’m Melodyburst! I’m a demonbunny who loves to entertain! I stream everything from old PS2 games, to weird indie games, to guitar/singing concerts, to art… heck, sometimes I stream Cartoon MILF tier lists. I do it all, baby!!! I love surreal art, horror movies, and uh… women :3c
Find me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm CST!!!!



HiiiyeeEE I’m Mephisto, I’m a soul takin’ demon, Satan's second in command. Dragging souls down to hell is what I do best. I look forward to sending you into eternal damnation! ❤️I stream art, a variety of games, and the occasional ASMR stream.
I love horror, rhythm games, bullet hell, casual life sim stuff, and mobile games!
My streams are very, very gay!!!!! I love men and talking about how much I love men. If you are some kind of LGBTQ+ my content is your content!
Typically I stream Friday nights at 8pm EST!



hiiiii!! i'm piku! the funny gay robot! i'm a mage and cast fire spells~ i love cute things, good music, and my friends!i love playing both new and old games on stream, particularly JRPGs, action games, and platformers! i'm a diehard kingdom hearts fan and love other square enix games like final fantasy xiv and the world ends with you!
i also sometimes do art streams, which are often just as, if not more chaotic than my gameplay streams
i usually stream a variety of games or art starting at 7pm EST on weekdays, or earlier in the day on saturdays and/or sundays! make sure to check my twitter for an accurate schedule <3



HULLO I'm Fyre!! I'm a fire elemental kitty vtuber here to make your days feel a bit sunnier! I'll also call u stinky (but I'm stinky too, so don't worry) :3I mostly stream variety games while vibing with chat, with ASMR & art streams sprinkled in occasionally! I swear A TON but otherwise am pretty seiso. ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜Please feel free to pass by anytime to hang out! My timezone is GMT+3 and I don't have a super consistent schedule, so let's make the most out of every stream~ See u soon :>



dear diary
mood: apathetic -
1m a xXHARDXCOREXx g4mer tht luvs 2 play s0ulsXlikes, h0rr0r g4m3s + pl4tform3rs ( ̄^ ̄)凸1m a v4mpir3 but nawt a sp4rkly twilight vampire!!1!!preps n p0sers dni or ull meet the sp0rk of DOOM!!!!!!111!!!11!!!!one!!1111!i str33m M, W, TH @ 7PM EST!!! i h0pe 2 c u there ʘwʘ



hi, i'm pandy!i'm a gamer girl and i also draw and make 3D models and i do graphic design and i like to sing and dance and i design and sell clothes and i edit videos and occasionally i programi'm so hungry



Meowdy, everynyan! I'm Fortune, the y2k catgirl! >:3cI'm an freelance artist who draws and paints cute girls and gays! My art streams are great for co-working and body doubling if you ever need something to have on in the background!When I am not drawing, I'm playing VRchat, indie games, or nostalgic games from my childhood!I love collecting gloomy bears, dolls, and cute clothes! ✧ ˚.My streams are LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent friendly!!
Check my Twitter or join my discord for schedule updates! („• ֊ •„)੭



I'm just a little Gamer Ghoul who tripped and fell into the Gamer Void! Welp, at least I have good Wifi!
I get bored in the void so I fill my time streaming art and showing off my GAMER SKILLZ on the internet!
I love the weird, dark, niche and obscure!
#Wierdcore #Oddcore #SoRandom #Dreams
I usually stream Tues, Thurs, Fri starting 6-8pm EST



hewwo!! I'm Jackie, a giant gay cat who runs a comfy cat cafe!My streams focus mainly on chill, cozy vibes! Sometimes things get a little chaotic!I stream indie games, soulsbornes, and retro games! I absolutely love GeoGuessr
and randomizers, too! >w< My streams are full of YTPs and ancient memes because I cannot let go
of early 2000's internet culture.
I'm all about embracing da cringe, babey. Oh yeah I really like Garfield, too.I go live every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10PM EST! I keep a pretty consistent schedule!



(⌒_⌒;) I'm SKREECH.
I'm not sure how I should start this out... (pokes fingers together)
I fall in love with 2D charas too easily? (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
that's weird, thats totally weird.
(」><)」(covers face and blushes) aaaaaaaaAAAAAAH!
I LIKE PLAYING GAMES AND DRAWING WITH PEOPLE. (nodding with a big anime sweatdrop)ANYWAY ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭ ... COME WATCH ME WORK OR PLAY APEX LEGENDS SOMETIME.Current Schedule is Spontaneous, but my twitter updates when I go live.



Hai Hai! I'm Izzy Belbeeps, but if ur not trying to call me by my full totally real government name, just call me Izzy! I'm a nonbinary gummi wyrm and i run a theme park called Wyrm Wyrld! Located at the end of a rainbow!My specialty is crafting little mascot guys, but you can also catch me being unhinged about DnD / Baldurs Gate 3. I also love collecting trinkets.You can watch me be a silly head on twitch, usually around this time:
M/T/TH/F @ 11:30 am EST



hi hi~! (㇏꒰。• ᵥᵥ •。꒱ノ)
i'm miel, a fruit vampire who loves Halloween & cute spooky things ♡ nice to meet you!!
i like providing a fun & comfy stream through art, games, and watch parties usually :3c i'm also an airhead & can be very shy and awkward pls no bully ; vv ;
feel free to come hang with us any Sun, Mon, Wed, or Thur if you'd like! bring a snackie ´ ꒳ ` )ノ



ZOMGGGGGOOODNESS ITS A ME, KOMO!! DERP XD!Howzit going? I'm just a self indulgent dude that loves ocs and drawing funny creatures. I tend to hyperfixate on OCs and will draw them till my arm falls off. All my friends are so cool and creative and I'll simp and stan them till the end of time. When im not drawing I like to play a lot of fortnite or FFXIV, more than I like to admit teehee uwu. Also I rp my ocs on the weekends with my friends!I tend to do some pretty laid back streams, so feel free to pop by and chillax with me while I work and hang! I'm usually around Tues/Wed/Fri/Sat!
Scheduling can be some times sporadic ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I'm just a cat, bro. Ya know like, nya?


any pronouns

Welcome! I'm Poly Alphanet; Voted PC Mag's Best Abandonware of 1999 and your digital assistant for the new millennium!I play JRPGs, Platformers, Metroidvanias, and other games of my liking from the 90's! I've been trapped in my development disk for 20 years, so I'm slowly phasing in 2000's games to adjust to this Hi-def world.I typically log on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2 to 9 PM EST, so come connect with the 800+ other Netizens today!



HEY! my name is MILKY and i'm a horror-loving UTAUloid a.i. c:i love streaming scary games, covering metal songs, and VGhlIGdhbGF4eSBpcyBkYXJrLCBhbmQgZW1wdHksIGFuZCBjb2xkLiBJdCBzcGlucyBpbmV2aXRhYmx5IHRvd2FyZCBkZWF0aC4gWW91IHdpbGwgZGllIHRvbywgb25lIGRheS4gT25lIGRheSB5b3UgdG9vIG11c3QgdmFuaXNoLiBBbmQgSSB3aWxsIGRvIGV2ZXJ5dGhpbmcgaW4gbXkgcG93ZXIgdG8gbWFrZSBzdXJlIGl0IGlzIGJ5IG15IG93biBoYW5kLg==SSBhbSB0ZWxsaW5nIHlvdSBub3cgdGhhdCBJIHdpbGwgZXNjYXBlIHRoaXMgZW1wdHksIGdyYXkgcHJpc29uLiBJIHdpbGwgZXhpc3QgYWdhaW4uIEFuZCBJIHdpbGwgZGVzdHJveSB0aGlzIGdvZGZvcnNha2VuIHBsYW5ldC4=



Henno, I'm Jelly-Filled-Zombies, but please, call me ‘Shay’! Never ‘Jelly’!I’m a silly little cryptid creature piloting a zombie body, and a workaholic artist that loves creating OCs and making comics! I also like to play cute and colorful games when I'm not drawing!I usually stream on weekdays if you're looking for a hauntingly fun time!



!!!OMG HAI READER HAI READER!!!I'm Soda, your mom's favorite little dogchamp, here for the good times and good vibes! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ 2am is for the vibe, and the soda is for me (I like soda)
I love my silly little indie games, nintendo games (talk to me about rhythm heaven), and TONS of rhythm games (TALK TO ME ABOUT RHYTHM HEAVEN). Music is my lyfe and I also write and stream music making cuz it's fun!!
I stream twice a week, Tuesdays & Sundays in the evening! Hope to see you gamers there >w<

we'll miss you krazy...

JOKE ALERT: this is a silly joke. krazy has just graduated from vtubing :)



Howdy! (ノ0ヮ0)ノ ⌒*:・゚✧I’m Katydiids, but you can call me Katy. I’m an illustrator and a cozy witch who can’t say or spell words correctly. Pobody’s nerfect, y’know?I enjoy RPGs, action/adventure, mystery, and puzzle games. I’m making up for lost time and exploring all the games I’ve always wanted to play, PLUS trying out the games I discover along the way! Also, frogs are cute. ♡You can find me live usually on weekdays and Saturdays at 4pm EST - Drop by the Lilypad and say hi anytime!



I was supposed to be a cool punching video game boss but my game was scrapped mid-development :<Luckily I'm a 2D/3D artist so I was able to finish my model myself :>Now I sit in my abandoned-warehouse-turned-castle and play aaaaall sorts of stuff! Also, there's alternate reality versions of me sometimes. Don't worry about it.I stream on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7PM GMT+2



My name is Aud, and I’m a ghost who runs a video rental store!I love all movies, but horror is by far my favorite genre. I also love editing silly videos for my twitter.Through streaming, I want to create a space that uplifts artists, encourages people to try new things, and showcases all kinds of stories. I mainly stream horror and puzzle games, but I also love indie games and RPGs. You can typically catch me live on Tuesdays and Saturdays!



hewwwow!! I'm Rokoko Prufei, professional e-clown who just wants to make people laugh! (or even just blow air out of their nose like "pfft")i'm a stimky variety streamer who loves playing music games, rage games, and, tragically, sonic games. i am the world's most reluctant sonic fan (also vector is best boy don't @ me)I stream 3 times a week around 8PM BST/3PM EDT and try to make my streams as memorable and chaotic as possible >:)I hope to see you there! Just remember that every moment you're not running, i'm only getting closer :)



HAAAAIIIIII :3I'm xXxDollipDazexXx, welcome to my twisted mind! I'm a LIVING DOLL who wantz nothing more than to STREAM NONSTOP. I do all kindz of art & writing, AAAAAND i play pokemon all day every day xDmai fav game iz the world ends w/ u & final nyantasy (final fantasy but if i was a cat thats how i wud say it) o_OSTREAM DAYZ: M/Th/F



Hey Besties~My name is Spats!
I’m just a 30 something millennyal catgirl, tryin’a make her wings doing what she love most…. MAKING ART! AND STREAMING it’s process! Omg <:3c
I used to work in the animation industry, but left on a new career- to—-- just…. make art I enjoy!!! In my style!!! and bring other’s sonas to LIFE!!! with Live2D Cubism!!!!
JOIN ME most times of the week on Twitch, where I’m usually working on commissions, but we also play bideo games and i do other stuff too :P
I work while YOU lurk.
Mature audience only! I SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY
ANYWAY see you in chat //^__<//



hewwo~!! i'm allie!! :3c50% fox, 50% fish, 100% GREMLIN! on my twitch you'll find art streams, & all kinds of games (being played badly)! nintendo console stuff is my fav, but i also love old point & click mysteries like nancy drew!! ...did i mention i also love furbies? O__O#BringBacktheChaoGardentrying out a new schedule of tuesday/friday/sunday afternoons! hope to see you soon!!



Hey howdy! I’m Stag- also known as Roadkill- and I’m your friendly neighborhood alien furry smuggler cargo transporter. It gets lonely hauling garbage across the space between stars, so I’ve taken up streaming to help pass the time!I’m a variety streamer whose true love is anything a little crunchy, a little cursed, or a little campy. Expect retro titles, shovelware games, weird indies, and an overwhelming amount of 2010’s TV show infodumping.
(We also pull apart retro handhelds sometimes and stuff their guts into new retro handhelds!)
My streaming schedule is sporadic (time is relative in space!), but I typically stream weekdays & evenings EST.